MATI helps our community to build relations between families  and kids by providing them programs and events that bring together the community

Since we have among us mixed marriages that the household is not fluently in Hebrew, we created programs like family hikes, camping , Israeli dancing that people can meet people that believe in  preserving Jewish life but also would like to keep the “ Israeli

Monthly Family Hikes

Monthly Family Hikes

Join us every month for a family hike. Most trails will allow strollers and pets. Get to meet and social with Israeli families, have picnic style lunch    

Yeladim- Israeli Dancing For kids -Weekly Monday afternoon

Israeli Dance Kids Class - The perfect way for your kids to be immersed in Israeli culture while doing physical activity and meeting new friends! The Kids class is led by Noya Achiasaf, and IDR is led by Noya and her sister, Zohar Achiasaf 🙂  Every Monday between 5:00pm and...